Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stop Dangerous Hackers with Help from IT Services

Hackers endanger the confidential data you have on customers and they can be quite tricky to handle. Below are a couple of ways your system can be breached by hackers.

Linked Networks. Your own network and firewall may be top of the class, but how about the other people and servers connected to you, such as extranet and business partners whom you’ve given access to? Hackers can also target these partners, take them over, and use their access to your system. You can solve this by improving internal security. The problem with most networks is that they are hard to penetrate, but are practically unguarded inside.

Open Backdoors. This is especially applicable for companies who use a lot of Web applications. Always remember that a lot of these have poor security network, and are poorly written. If, for example, you use a web application that gives you certain designs or file names, and the hacker happens to know that these designs are created from the application that you used, all that’s left to be done is to try to access your user information in the web application’s system—a perfect backdoor.

To avoid these breaches, ensure first the security of the web applications that you use, which you can do by hiring reliable IT services in Orlando.

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